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it could have been so much worse. good evening. ism' dan ashley. a dump truck driver loses brakes and careens out of control in oakland. a chain reaction accident chews up 13 cars. five people hurt, glad to tell you none of them seriously. it happened on mcarthur boulevard at grand avenue a
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block west of the grand lake theater late this afternoon. amy holyfield to take us through what happened. >> reporter: even police at the scene tell me they haven't seen an accident this big before and it as miracle and it is amazing that everybody walked away. a police sargeant told me that the driver of the dump truck was just released from the hospital. the truck plowed into a row of cars sitting at a red light. the driver of the dump truck said his brakes failed and he told us about how he felt when heard everybody survived the crash. >> i was happy and hopefully i can get ahold of the people that got hurt and say sorry, something, anything, you know. i didn't do it on purpose, you know. but i ruined their day big-time, you know, their cars are smashed.
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>> reporter: the driver did not want to give his last name. this happened about 4:30 this afternoon at mcarthur boulevard and grand avenue at the grand avenue exit ramp off of 580. it has been closed ever since as officers try to clear the scene. they are hoping to get it open in the next few minutes and it looks like they are just about ready to get it opened. >> again, no one hurt seriously. that is the good news. you can tell that driver felt pretty bad. thanks, amy. friends and family held a vigil for david lewis a community activist killed three months ago in a targeted attack at the hillsdale mall in san mateo. that is where lisa amin is live for us tonight. lisa? >> reporter: david lewis was shot and killed three months ago in a parking garage at 5:40 p.m. and today volunteers
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passed out the flyers, hoping they will jog someone's memory who was here that day who may have seen something. friends and family spent an hour inside the mall for about an hour talking about lewis. at the time he was shot, san mateo police said the murder was targeted and lewis was arguing with someone. after serving 25 search warrants and interviewing more than 100 people there are still no suspects. >> that is what makes cases like this the most difficult when you only have a suspect and a victim and you don't have a lot of witness information. >> i believe that someone seen something. they may be afraid to come forward. they may have thought wow, that was a -- i don't know. they may have left the mall without knowing what happened. we are in the mall because some people never even knew that day that a murder occurred right here. >> reporter: lewis founded free at last an east palo alto
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rehabilitation center. police say a case like this can only be helped with the help of the public. they have one full-time detective assigned to the case and there is also a $50,000 reward being offered. live in san mateo, abc 7 news. lisa, thank you. the state supreme court heard arguments in a fight over furloughs. at issue, does the governor have the authority to order more than 100,000 state employees to stay home three fridays a month without pay. more from abc 7's capital correspondent nannette miranda. >> we have no money. >> reporter: lorena knows how painful the state furloughs have been. the single mom saw nearly 15% of her pay plus overtime evaporate. that is $1,500 less a month for almost 18 months beginning in early 2009. >> we can't go out to dinner,
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do movies, we can't do anything. >> reporter: the supreme court is weighing weathe whether furs are legal. >> toes not cited any comparable authority to impose a furlough unilaterally. >> reporter: 234-2009 the state was close to running out of cash and the governor's lawyers argue that constitutes an emergency giving the executive offense extraordinary powers. the furloughs saved the state $3 billion. >> there was collective need on the part of the constituent agencies and departments to preserve cash. >> reporter: they acknowledged the governor has many tools such as layoffs and hiring freezes and renegotiating contracts but say furloughs are not one of the justices questioned that argument. >> are you arguing that furloughs are not less drastic than laying off tens of
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thousands. >> reporter: lawyers say layoffs have worker protections like advanced notice and seniority. >> the furloughs bypass the protections. they take effect immediately and apply to everybody across the board so they are more drastic than layoffs which are statutorily authorized, the furloughs aren't. >> i will be relieved if it goes in our favor. i could pay my bills with 1500 and put food on my table. >> reporter: the court will have 90 days to rule but there is a feeling it could rule sooner. the decision will impact more than 30 other furlough lawsuits in the lower courts and could likely affect labor relations in the years to come. an aide to senator barbara boxer facing marijuana charges tonight in washington. the aide, marcus m. stanley was arrested after removing pot from his pocket as he went through screening at a senate offense building. he resigned immediately.
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senator boxer calls the actions wrong and unacceptable. in the east bay one suspect under arrest following a raid on a sophisticated pot growing operation. another got away when police seized 2,000 mature marijuana plants at the regional wilderness park in san ramon. san francisco's only gun store was granted a permit to resume selling weapons today, that is despite the intent by several -- attempt by several neighborhood groups to shut it down for good. critics took dead aim at the store but missed the mark. >> no showdown but there was a clear victor at this police permit hearing. high bridge arms the only gun shop in san francisco will be allowed to resume operations. >> i have no significant evidence that its existences caused an increase in crime or that the firearms sold there or
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purchased there were used to commit crimes. >> reporter: it has been a fixture on mission street for more than 50 years. recently the owner applied to turn in into a wholesale gun operation but city planning code requires a primarily retail use. some neighbors were hoping to take advantage of the bureaucratic back and forth to shut the gun store down. >> we just think it is inappropriate in a residential area. >> reporter: she organized neighborhood groups wisent more than 100 e-mails to the police department. but today, supporters of the gun shop outnumbered opponents two to one. >> people need guns for home defense, without guns we are all just sitting ducks. >> reporter: amanda johnson hopes highbridge arms will offer gun safety classes. >> maybe women's night, ladies bring your guns. >> reporter: the permit is conditional. the owner must devise a plan to
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store the guns in a safe at the end of each day and operate a surveillance camera system inside and out 24/7 and agree to check the ids of every customer before they enter the store. the manager says that will quickly be done. >> every action i take it subject to oversight from several agencies and i do not take my business responsibilities lightly. >> reporter: the opponents say they may appeal the decision handed down at the hall of justice. the neighborhood groups will get together and decide. in san francisco, carolyn tyler, abc 7 news. a critical vote keeps bart on track to the oakland international airport. we will have the latest on that. rock star ripoff. a bay area musician is offering a reward to get back his famous guitar. will the world's fair come to the bay area? a top state official making a pitch. i'm spencer christian in the accuweather forecast
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good news today for three richmond school schools and the kids taught there. the city council voted to save kennedy high school and two elementary schools. at a meeting the council agreed to spend $1.5 million through the 2011-2012 school year to keep it open. both schools open for at least another year much to the relief of parents, students and teachers.
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a vallejo chemist released from jail after a judge reduced his bail. he was released after the bodies of his wife and another woman were found at his home. he was arrested for explosives and bomb making materials also found at the house. the prosecutors say they do not expect to file charges against him for the murder at this time all they though still consider him a suspect. the search for a possible fifth victim has turned up nothing so far at a contra costa county land fill in pittsburgh. the search now expected to continue through the end of the week. the long delayed project to connect bart to the oakland airport took one giant step forward today. a key piece of funding was approved. abc 7's transportation reporter heather ishimaru with what you can expect and when.
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>> reporter: the air bart bus connector is on its way to being replaced with an elevated tramway. today the metropolitan transportation commission voted 6-2 in favor of allocating $20 million in state funding for the project. all that remains now is for the state transportation commission to approve it and for the release of $25 million already approved federal dollars. >> we have maybe one or two more steps to go through and then we will have the -- we will have a homerun. stepsu know, one or two steps is okay with me because we had 30 steps and have been in this room here five different times and each time we won. >> carroll ward allen has been fighting for the connector for 20 years. this that time the cost of the project has ballooned to $484 million. critics tried for years to derail the tramway saying it is far more expensive and inconvenient than a less expensive system. >> it provide benefits
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commensurate with the cost. paraphrasing gertrude stein a turkey is a turkey is a turkey. >> supporters say the project will bring desperately needed jobs to oakland and a world class airline to the oakland airport. critics say bart going into debt to pay for it and the $20 million should have been used for other transit improvements. commissioner haggerty says the commission has to think in terms of regional benefits. >> i'm sick of this feeling that if it's good for san francisco we do it but if it is going on oakland we are going to crap on oakland. >> reporter: if the remaining hurdles are crossed work on the connector could begin in 7 months. heather ishimaru, abc 7 news. governor schwarzenegger leaves tomorrow on a six day trade mission to china. the governor stopped by marvel technology in santa clara. executives from the company will be part of the group
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traveling with the governor. california increased its exports since 2003 but more needs to be done. >> we never should just sit back and enjoy and rest on our laurels. we should always keep pushing because there is more out there. many more markets and many more opportunities that we can seize. >> the governor will also make a pitch for the bay area to host the world expo in 2020. the event is undererway in shanghai and takes place every five years. we shall see if we get it in a few years. can't look that far ahead in terms of the weather but spencer christian does a good job with the seven day. certainly seven dryer days. cooler than average. >> vanilla. dry in spots. >> a few sprinkles around. in heavy rainfall. east by, emeryville looking at emorryville. partly cloudy to mainly clear
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right now. a little moisture in the air but nothing hitting the ground in the immediate bay area. look at live doppler 7 hd. there is something hitting the ground in the the sierra in the area of mammoth lakes. mentioned last night snow levels would drop down to 8,000 feet as moisture moved from the bay area out into the sierra and that is what it happening. not heavy know but snow nonetheless. in the santa cruz mountains, .015-inch. half moon bay, .009. san francisco just a few hundth inch but enough to measure and call it actual rainfall which is a little unusual for this time of the year. right now, temperatures mainly in the 50s. a few locations reporting 60 degrees or more. 61 oakland. 60 antioch. 63 san jose. readings generally in the mid up toker 50s and these are the highlights. sprinkles likely overnight in the south bay tonight. clearing on the north bay in
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the absence of clouds we will see rather cool weather developing up in the north bay. gradually warmer the next two days with a steady pattern of mild weather into next week. the satellite radar composite shows the reason for the weather, the cool air associated with the storm moving down into the area. jetstream dipping far to the south for this time of year and all these elements combine to bring us all these conditions. clouds continue to cover the peninsula and south bay. a few sprinkles could be associated with the clouds. cooling in the north bay with cool conditions overnight. lows in the absence of clouds drop into the 40s in cloverdale and voic santa rosad napa. warming up a little bit tomorrow in the south bay under mainly sunny skies. highs in the low 70s. 72 campbell and san jose. on the peninsula upper 60s to
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around 70. in and around san francisco 60 degrees in the sunset district. 63 degrees downtown. north bay highs start to climb into the almost mid to upper 70s in the mildest locations. near east bay, upper 60s to around 70. over the hills into the east bay inland valleys low to mid 70s. it is getting warmer and it will be warmer still on friday and through the week end. near monterey bay. 60s near the bay. 72 morgan hill. here is the accuweather warmer seven-day forecast. we'll see mid 80s inland by friday. mid 70s around the bay on friday. low 60s on the coast and that range of highs will remain with us for the next five or six days right on into midweek next week. a sustained period of seasonal temperatures and dry conditions. and it will actually feel like summer for awhile. >> summer is winding down, of course. >> sure, it is warm but not hot. >> that's true. i like that. >> thank you, spencer, very much. >> neighborhood frustration over a failing fence and the
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wall that wasn't. up next, an abc 7 news you fix it report. israel turns back the clock and turns daylight savings time into a holy war. and tourist tax. visitors to the united states now pay our real national pastime?
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daylight savings time turning into a religious bat until israel. by law israel switches its clocks this sunday, the sunday before yom kippur when jews fast for 24 hours. turning the clocks back means that people get an extra hour of sleep and one less hour of fasting. the hi-ho! in the calendar.alls early they are petitioning to resist the change. one lawmaker has a bill to end the daylight savings time on the last sunday in october like the rest of europe and as we do here in the west. we have been asking you to send us video of things that need to be fixed up in your neighborhood. part of the collaboration with you tube on a new seth called called you fix it. tonight, dan noyes with the story of a fence falling apart. >> all the pickets of the fence
9:24 pm
are coming out from erosion. >> he showed us this fenrates s neighborhood. >> this is the part of the fence protruding. >> he says the fence which was built by a developer in the mid '60ss is falling apart. >> this fence has been kicked in from the top. very dangerous. the whole thing could fall down in a windstorm that is for sure. >> he says he and his neighbors have been waiting for the city to replace it since 2004 when newark added a project it built a new wall to the capital improvement plan. >> there are people out there putting up chain link fence and corrugated metal roofing and taking two by fours and anything they can take and just nailing it to the outside of the fence. >> reporter: the city built this wall just around the corner on cherry street and this one on thornton avenue but the mowry avenue project never got fund. >> thought it was postponed for
9:25 pm
awhile. >> i think it is a matter of priorities. is it a significant risk that the fence section is going to fall down? i would think it is not. >> john becker is newark's city manager and says the plan to build a wall on mowry is still on the books but has been put on hold indefinitely while the city struggles to make budget cuts. >> i'm trying to keep police and firefighters on the streets and keep the streets at least at a minimum level of maintenance and we don't have the funding to do everything that we would like to do. >> reporter: in the meantime, becker says that the residents are legally responsible for maintaining the fence but david says that is not fair for families already having a tough time in the economy. >> i think the city is responsible for it because it is showing what our city is made of. >> reporter: looks like this is one problem that won't get fixed any time soon. it will cost $000 to build the wall and the city can't
9:26 pm
afford it until the economy improves. ou have a problem that needs fixing or a government service that isn't working upload the video on our website. don't forget to include a phone number and e-mail address where we can contact you. for the i-team, dan noyes, abc 7 news. in san jose a program has children and parents walking in a pact two and from school. calling this the walking school bus at bagby elementary. they started it because of budget cuts to transportation. the police chief says it means more parents dropping off children in cars and suvs and the congestion could be frustrating. it is a reminder for people to show down and pay attention in school zones. >> this is our community. these are our kids. if we don't do something to try and create our own traffic safety zones around the schools then nobody is going to do it.
9:27 pm
>> another benefit, kids and parents spend more time together and they get some exercise. a courthouse car bombing 0 years ago. when abc 7 news at 9:00 continues tonight, the environmental activist who survived the bombing makes a plea to the local fbi. lifting the tax on technology research. silicon valley on the president's latest idea for creating new jobs. also, how much hp's former ceo will be making when and if he takes a new job at rival silicon valley company oracle. google claims results before you even finish
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good evening. an environmental activist is going court to stop the fbi from destroying evidence in a car bombing. he and the driver of the car were hurt in the attack two decades ago. he says that evidence is the last chance he may have to find the real bomber. the story tonight from abc 7's vic lee. >> the bottom line is that the fbi has allowed criminals to conduct murders. >> reporter: earth first environmentalist darryl cherney says the fbi only targeted him and fellow activist judy a bailey and never looked for the real bomber. he says that is why the fbi wants to destroy the evidence that might lead to the culprit. >> they are actively involved in scuttling any possibility of a future prosecution in what remains an unsolved and therefore attempted murder
9:31 pm
investigation. >> the bombing happened may 24, 1990 as they were driving through oakland a bomb in their car exploded. churney was only slightly wounded but berry suffered serious injuries. police search warrants said the explosive was in the back seat and that the same type of nails in the bomb were found in their house. they were arrested as sus sixths but their case started falling apart. the fbi concluded the bomb was under the driver's seat and nails didn't match. then the newspaper receive adler taking responsibility for the bombing, it was signed the lord's avenger and described in detail the car bomb and a pipe bomb found ec weeks earlier. he claims investigators never took it seriously. >> knew the components of both bombs and that is a clear link. >> the alameda county prosecutors dropped all charges against the two saying they needed more evidence to convict.
9:32 pm
in 1993, the fbi admitted they had no more leads. judy berry died of cancer in 1997. churney is still fighting to clear their names. his latest battle, to prevent the fbi from destroying the pipe bomb and fragment tion of the car bomb. >> if we can get dna off this then we have a dna identity of who bombed us. >> reporter: former fbi agent rick smith was a spokesman for the bureau during the investigation. he says the fbi always believed the two were the the bombmakers. >> clearly if there was any evidence whatsoever that would lead to some other suspect they would probably not destroy the evidence. >> reporter: the judge ordered the fbi today to preserve the evidence for 30 days while an attempt is made to resolve the case. in 2002, a jury awarded churney and berry's estate $4 million after they sued the fbi and oakland police for violating their civil rights. the u.s. attorney's offense did not return our call for an
9:33 pm
interview. the fbi said it could not comment on pending litigation. vic lee, abc 7 news. thieves targeted the home of a bay area musician and now he is offering a reward for the return of two guitars. rob flynn is the lead singer and guitarist for the heavy metal band. someone broke into his home when was picking up his son from school. >> the one guitar that i wrote and recorded my first album burn my eyes with it. 18 years ago. very, very sentimental to me. ♪ >> ther blue lightning bolt guitar was given to him by dime bag darryl the late guitar player for pan terra. he would very much like both of them back. in an effort to rekindle the economic recovery president obama is promising to make tax cuts for r & d r & d permanent.
9:34 pm
part of a plan that he outlined today in cleveland, ohio. mark matthews with reaction from silicon valley and business leaders and the bay area. >> reporter: the president's economic proposals were couched in a very partisan political speech. >> instead of tax loopholes that incentivize investment in overseas jobs i'm proposing a more generous permanent extension of the tax credit that goes to companies for the research and innovation they do right here in ohio, right here in the united states of america. >> good deal says the president and ceo of the bay area council economic institute. >> we had a credit every year and just renewed annually but this would give it predictability and in vetments are long-term so this is going to give them security for tape their investments they never had until now how much pal tow alto congress woman quoted the president of the information technology and innovation
9:35 pm
foundation saying it is estimated that expansion of the r & d credit would increase annual gdp by almost $100 billion and create 162,000 jobs just in the short-term. one of the pioneers of the modern semiconductor age the founder of marvel semiconductors says there is a more important incentive. >> i do believe a tax credit is a good thing but probably it is even more important is to have incentive for people to build manufacturing facilities in the united states. >> reporter: and on that point, the president proposed writing off all business investments made next year. >> and this will help small businesses upgrade plants and equipment and encourage large corporations to get off the sidelines and start putting profits to work. >> reporter: on "good morning america," george stephanopoulos put the proposals to the ranking republican. >> will you support them now?
9:36 pm
>> george, i'm open to the presidents it ideas but i think the president is missing the bigger point here. >> the bigger point according to congressman john boehner is government spending. >> until the uncertainty in spending is under control i don't think these are going to have much impact. >> reporter: and that is part of the reason why it is so difficult to get legislation out of washington in an election year, politics trumps policy. in the newsroom, mark matthews, abc 7 news. does it ever. we are finding out how much oracle is going to pay its newly appointed president. he would get $950,000 a year in salary. also eligible for a
9:37 pm
bonus of five. while talking about high tech and that world it may seem to most of us like searching for something on google is already pretty fast. guess what? it is about to get faster shaving two maybe five precious seconds off our search time. leigh glaser reports on the change. >> i type one letter w and i get the results and know the weather in san francisco. it is that fast. >> the latest upgrade to the popular search engine. with as little as one key stroke, one letter the search engine begins looking for what you want before you even finished typing and without hitting the search or enter key. >> we use all of the queries to make a best guess of what you mind. >> almost reading our minds. anticipating what we were looking for. >> sort of a phrase that we want to make google the third
9:38 pm
hub of your brain came up in conversation the other day. i'm also astounded by the rate of innovation and user interfaces. >> today an average search takes 9 seconds to enter a query and 15 seconds to display results. google instant shaves 5 seconds off each search. the company says they will save 350 million search hours. >> start typing yose and i p. yosemite. google ad revenue added to $24 billion next year. it could affect where and how an ad is display. >> if the results come up instantly and the ads come up and change will it hurt me. if users see an ad and don't click on it the ads drop down in the railing. >> google instant will start appearing on computers in the next few days and mobi mobile e
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a new study says there is not much that can be done to help pregnant women with morning sickness. half experience morning in the first trimester, acupuncture and antivomitting drugs appear to have only mild benefits. the study concludes currently there are no treatments proven safe and effective to relieve the early discomfort in pregnancy. mgm is defending its safety practices after amateur video showed a lion attacking a trainer. the trainer is okay but the pictures are remarkable. >> the lions exhibit roars with excitement. in an instant last week it was terrifying when one of the
9:43 pm
400-pound lions turned on its trainer. >> some what like a lunge. he was definitely up on his back feet. >> titus andrew ellis were on their honeymoon in las vegas and captured it on video tape. you can see as the second trainer rushes the lion and with the help of a lioness manage to force the animal off but not before a first trainer suffered a bite to his leg inside the sound proof exhibit. >> you can tell he is in major pain and i'm sure he was screaming. >> reporter: a hotel spokesperson says the trainer is now recovering and anxious to get back to work and the animals are back on exhibit inside the resort not far from the infamous white tiger who in 2003 nearly took the life of roy horn in a performance of siegfried and horn. he remains alive today living
9:44 pm
in a garden zoo. there is always the daneary wild animal will attack. in february, 22-foot killer whale tilley took the life of trainer dawn brancheau. in 2008, this bear who once had a part in the movie semi pro turned on his real 200 life trn a facility. >> he bit the trainer, a single bite to the neck. >> the u.s. department of agriculture investigates every incident and is now trying to determine what may have provoked the lion in las vegas. well, coming up next, nasa rewrites the history of life on mars. a new discovery they almost made 35 years ago. stay with us.
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but what were the results? fact: brown promised to improve schools. but the drop out te increased 50%, and the state had to ake over the schools. fact: the city controller found employeesaid for 22,000 hours... they never worked. fact: brown promised to cut crime. ut murders doubled, makinoakland the 4th most dangerous city in ameri. jerry brown. he just can't deliver the rests california needs now
9:47 pm
the viking missions to mars cost nasa almost a billion dollars in 1976 and nasa always believed it got what it paid for, the first landings and biological ex-pairments on the red planet. they might have found more if only they had known then as
9:48 pm
much as they know now. >> he works in an offense at the nasa ames research center but mentally dr. chris mckay is really on another planet, especially lately. >> marlins was fooling us. mars was fooling us. >> reporter: it began pa years ago when -- 35 years guy when we put the viking landers on mars. they scooped soil and heated it looking for common carbon compounds that might be the building blocks of life. much to our surprise. >> we didn't see what we expected to see. we didn't know why. we thought maybe it wasn't there. >> reporter: now, they do know why. the result of what was then a wrong assumption about the salty martian surface that clarified after the phoenix lander scooped more soil in 2008. >> found it. stumbled across it. >> phoenix found a chemical that is pretty much everywhere on the surface. this is significant because when heated it becomes a form of destructive bleach. a lot like the stuff used to
9:49 pm
clean organic food stains from your shirts. see what happened? the very procedure we used to sample the soil which was heating it up caused it to react with the organics and destroy them. >> as confirmation, the doctor duplicated the experiment on earth and came up with two same chemicals as byproducts. the same that viking found but that researches dismissed as earthly contamination. >> we think it was produced in mars in oven while heating the sample. >> it is not proof of life but next year nasa sends a new lander with more refined instruments. the most brilliant of minds make inaccurate assumptions. >> a different world because he has different chemistry going on.
9:50 pm
>> let's go back and update the forecast one last time this hour. spencer christian here with that. >> a few sprinkles today. a few more may occur overnight. time lapse view from the high definition east bay camera. interesting cloud formations traveling across the bay today. broken clouds. lots of sunshine peeking through. lovely sky there. today was a school day. you probably notice that. a list of some of today's high temperatures. compare with the average highs for this date and you can see anywhere from 9 degrees to 18 degrees below the average. so very cool day but things will change tomorrow. or begin to change at least. the accuweather seven-day forecast. a little warmer tomorrow. by friday, inland highs in the mid 80s. around the bay mid 70s and low 60s on the coast and that range of highs with us through next tuesday into next wednesday. finally almost a week of summer like weather as summer is about to wind down. >> thanks spencer, very much. are your trousers lying to
9:51 pm
you? an investigation by esquire magazine finds an overabun dance of vanity sizing, pants that may say they are 36-inch waist for example but are not. hager and gap are selling 39-inch pants at 36 inches. a pair of 36-inch dockers clocks in at 39.5 inches and old navy the worst offender. a 36-inch waist really 41 inches wide. if you have been congratulating that you still wear the same pants size as those you wore in high school. hate to say you may want to think that. worse i thought of is what if you are maybe a couple sizes bigger than high school. maybe more than that. >> don't congratulate us, though. >> bad news. >> we are getting fatter but they are making us feel better about ourselves. >> self-esteem is higher. >> vanity sizing. name for it now in the industry. great. speaking of vanity, the giants and their vanity playoff ride into the desert.
9:52 pm
we'll have that, plus one of the best fan videos ever. there is no vanity here. this guy is going all out. giving up his body for the giving up his body for the cause and still going
9:53 pm
were prese i want you to
9:54 pm
coming up on abc 7 news at 11:00, the dangerous wildfire burning in colorado. five people missing it is a burns out of control for a second night. a video game banned.
9:55 pm
why military bases won't sell a game made by a california developer. those stories coming up on tonight. winless since mid july. barry zito trying to give the giants a chance to tie the first placace padres. pitched well, just not well enough. would it take design intervention to give zito a victory. sanchez going deep for the second straight nothing. zito with the 1-0 lead but that is all of the giants would get. two of the clones in the stands. where is the real barry zito? six innings. strikes out 7. in the second arizona ties it up. montero going to the gap in left center. chris young scores. 1-1. 3-1 in the ninth. jose guillen on second. cody ross, excuse me.
9:56 pm
swing that, ends the game. the pa trays winning. the giants two back heading to san diego for a four-game showdown. dallas braeden look the loss last night, all smiles -- the brother of a former raider quarterback marcus. in the third, cocoa crisp. the real story is the fan all alone. the diamond lunge. empty handed. i have been known to revel in another man's misery if it makes for a highlight. going to stick with it and we love the effort. he will get nothing and like it. the cameraman got the ball. back to the game. cocoa finishing off a big night. his third rbi. in the sixth, gonzalez the victory. the niners rolled the dice and the campbell paid off. cut nate davis. nobody picked him up so the niners brought davis back to
9:57 pm
the practice squad. he has shown flashes in preseason games of a terrific athlete but mike single terri wasn't happy with his work ethic. 34341 other teams didn't claim him. alex smith will start against seattle on sunday. david carr is very much the niner backup quarterback. >> there was no talk that he was going to compete with number one. no talk. none. no talk of that. no talk that he was going to compete for number one. never. i'm telling you there was not for me. i'm the head coach. it doesn't matter who else said it. it doesn't matter. we did not have david carr coming here and compete with him for number one. absolutely uneconpetitive vocally did not. >> the saints open the nfl season tomorrow against the vikings but new orleans running back reggie bush cannot escape heisman talk.
9:58 pm
he was asked about the possibility of being stripped of the award because of improper benefits he allegedly received at usc. >> it is out of my hands. whatever you guys report you have to go with that. if i'm not mistaken i believe the heisman trophy people released a statement saying that what was released was inaccurate so that is where we are at. >> may be heading for a federer match ol showdown at the u.s. open. gwen stefani keeping roger's wife company in the stands. the great one wayne gretzky wondering how does he do that. 18 aces. only two for sodelling. nationalism alive and well
9:59 pm
at the world basketball championships in turkey. team usa will play russia tomorrow on the anniversary where the refs gave russia three chances to win in the final seconds which they eventually did. blats says the refs got it right, prompting this response from mike krzyzewski. >> he probably has that viewpoint and his eyes are clearer now because there are no tears in them. whatever he thinks he thinks and really absolutely no bearing on what we are trying to do tomorrow. >> eyes of clearer. >> the russian coach saying he was in tears at the time. >> that game is great for people that like to think about fantasy in basketball. coach k. >> all right. that is this edition for abc 7

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